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Borrowing Information

By Sarah Johnson

Check OUt policy

The number of books a person is allowed to have checked out depends on two things: their current account standing and their grade (or role) in the school.

Students in grades K-3 have an account that only allows them to have 1 book checked out at a time.

Students in grades 4-6 have an account that only allows them to have 2 books checked out at a time.

Students in grades 7-12 have an account that allows them to have 5 books checked out at a time.

Teachers and staff members have accounts that allow them to have 15 books checked out at a time. 

Additional Information

Students with overdue books out may not check out another book until it has been returned OR declared lost and paid for. 

Students are held responsible for their books they have checked out. 

If a teacher puts in a special request for additional books or extended check out time, that may be arranged. 

Students may check out and return books during their library rotation time or during open check out times. Students in grades K-6 attend library classes as part of a seven day rotation.  

Staff may check out as many books or materials as needed. Please make sure to properly check books out before leaving the library. Items checked out by staff members are due back by the end of the school year.

check out times

@ the High School

The default time period for checking out a book is until the end of the current quarter. A student may renew the book if they need more time. They may renew the book twice for an additional two weeks each time.

@ the Elementary School

The default time period for checking out a book is three weeks. A student may renew the book if they need more time. They may renew the book three times. Fines are not placed on accounts until the end of the grading quarter. 

Overdue Policy

Notices will be sent out at the end of each quarter.

Students with overdue books may not check out any additional books until the overdue items are returned.

If a parent notices their elementary child is not bringing home new books, they are encouraged to ask if a book is considered lost or overdue. Sometimes, books are sent back to the school, but don't make it to the library. 

A bill will be sent for lost books, if the items are not returned by the end of each semester. Books may not be kept out over Christmas or summer holidays.

Students are responsible for caring for books, using a bookmark, and returning books on time, so others may borrow them.

Students who do not return items at the end of the year will have their report card held in the office, if necessary.  A bill will be sent home as well. 

Overdue Fees 

Student are not charged late fees on books, as long as they are returned.

When the book is 60 days overdue, the account freezes and the book is declared lost. A bill will be sent home at the end of the semester to purchase a replacement of the lost book.  

If an item is damaged beyond reasonable repair, the student will be asked to purchase a replacement.   

"I was lost, but now I'm found."

After items have been declared as lost, students are expected to pay for a replacement copy of the item.  Should they be returned after declared as "lost" (over 60 days) and paid for, students accounts are credited.  

Renewal Policy

Students must show the librarian the book at the time of renewal, so the librarian can see that the student is in possession of the book and it's not lost or damaged. If another student has put in a request for that same title, the student may not be able to renew the book. 

Damaged book policy

Accidents happen!

Puppies chew (usually new) books, juice containers leak in backpacks, younger siblings use them for creative art projects, and books get left outside. 

Most children are responsible and if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the responsibility to report and, if necessary, to replace a book that gets damaged while in a student's care.

If a book page accidentally rips a little bit, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tape to repair our books. Return the book and place a post-it on the page that needs repair.   

 If a book becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost. Many of our books are library editions, meant to take heavy use, and not the trade editions sold in bookstores. A notice will be sent via Remind to inform parents of overdue titles. A letter will be sent with the replacement cost. (The replacement cost will range between $5.00 and $30.00.)

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